You may have heard of Ethereum-Global scam. If you’ve been trading with them, you should withdraw your funds immediately. Scam brokers do some of the following activities, and you should stay away from them. In some cases, the fake accounts may even reply to your posts affirming their legitimacy. These scams will often ask you to verify your address. Do not trust any broker that asks for your private information or even your social security number.

Be skeptical of any website that claims to offer high returns. Only send your cryptocurrency to trusted third parties. Look for publicly available reviews about them and check spellings carefully. Make sure the site is reputable by checking it against consumer protection websites and calling them to verify their authenticity. Be aware that scammers often use old passwords and stolen credit card information to steal your cryptocurrency. It is always best to use a reliable, verified third-party company to invest your funds.

Be skeptical of websites that promise high returns and investment opportunities. You should only send your crypto to trustworthy third parties. Do not give out your personal information to a stranger, and don’t trust the website that doesn’t have reviews. It’s even worse if you have to contact them after sending your cryptocurrency to the scammers. If you are unsure, you can check online reviews of the company. If the website claims to be a legitimate company, call them. They will probably tell you that their business is reputable, but that’s not always the case.