The U.K. police recovered $22.2 million in Ethereum and $9 million in other digital currencies from cybercriminals. The police discovered a storage device in the home of two individuals involved in a crypto phishing scam. The Economic Crime Unit of the Greater Manchester Police was able to recover the stolen digital currencies after tracing their incoming and outgoing transactions. While some criminals try to conceal their tracks and avoid being detected, the majority of them do not.

A common method used by scammers is to use phishing emails. These emails typically ask users to click on links to fake exchanges or enter a seed phrase in order to reset a password or send ETH. The links are often embedded with malware that gives the scammers access to your computer files. If you click on a fake exchange, you could find yourself in trouble. This article will discuss how to protect yourself from falling victim to these scams.

To prevent falling victim to an Etherium scam, learn how to protect yourself and your funds. Don’t make the mistake of sending money to an exchange claiming to be affiliated with a reputable crypto company. Most exchanges group outgoing transactions in such a way that each transaction has multiple inputs and outputs. Although this is a common scam tactic, you don’t need to panic. The spoof site will simply send you a false statement that you’re a crypto millionaire. The only way to be sure your funds are safe is to follow the steps mentioned above.